Meeting Location & Time

The Keystone Button Club meets at:

Pleasant Unity United Presbyterian Church

101 Millerstown Culmerville Road

Tarentum, PA 15084

11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 

Meeting Information

A typical meeting starts about 11:00 with time for socializing and looking at buttons displayed for sale. At 12:00 we sit down for lunch. Members are asked to bring their own sandwich and the hosts for that month will provide the drinks, snacks and the dessert. After lunch the Program for that month is presented. At the end of the program, the club holds a meeting where all club details and activities are discussed and planned. 


The Keystone Button Club members take turns during the year hosting the meetings. Two members work together to host a meeting and typically each member only has to do it once a year. Hosting duties include:

1.  Drinks - cold drinks, ice, hot coffee (to be made in the coffee maker at the Lighthouse).

2.  Snacks - a snack of your choice (chips, pretzels, etc.) on each table. 

3.  Dessert - a dessert of your choice to be served to each member.

4.  Clean up - hosts are responsible for clean up after the lunch of the kitchen and dining areas.


The programs presented at the Keystone Button Club meetings are generally given by the members. Presentng a program is not a member requirement but all members are encouraged to participate. It is a wonderful learning experience and the Club has an button article file to help members create a program very easily. The Club also presents related programs given by people outside the club and would be interested in hearing about any available programs.

Phone Tree

There is a phone tree that is detailed in the member's program book. The phone tree will be initiated by the President in the case of a meeting cancellation, the death of a member or other emergency. Each member listed on the phone tree is asked to call the President if they are unable to contact the person they are responsible to call.

2020 Meeting Schedule

The Keystone Button Club meets once a month except for November. All meetings are scheduled for the 4th Saturday of the month whenever possible. Except for December which is schedule for the 1st Saturday.

The 2020 Meeting Schedule is:

January 25

Hosts: Bob & Mary D'Angelo

Program:  Button cleaning & carding by Maxine Tutelo

February 22

Hosts: Karen Hart & Kathy White

Program: Button cleaning & carding, part 2 by Maxine Tutelo

March 28

Hosts:  Ken & Nancy McKeever

Program:  To Be Announced

April 25

Hosts:  Judy Neidich & Julie Dayton

Program: Member's Button Auction headed by Lynda Shay, auctioneer. 

May 23

Hosts:  Summer Buffet, bring a covered dish - no hosts

Program: May flowers by Lynne Updegraff

June 6

Button Bonanza

Bakerstown United Methodist Church

Bakerstown, PA

(see "Show" tab for more information)

June 27

Hosts:  Vicki Wagner & Joyce Borland

Program:  Shell & MOP by Judy Neidich

July 25

Hosts:  Lynne Updegraff & Pauline Power

Program: The Arts and Crafts Period by Pauline Power

August 22

Hosts:  Lynda Shay & Karen Hill - Pizza Party

Program:  Annual Club Button Auction headed by Lynda Shay, auctioneer

September 26

Hosts:  Hope Boltz & Sharon Zaychek

Program:  Fable Buttons by Kathy White

October 24

Hosts: Gina Powers & Maxine Tutelo

Program: Keystone Button Competition headed by Lianne Cantelmi

December 5

Hosts: Christmas Buffet, bring a covered dish - no hosts

Program:  Show & Tell

This is the annual Christmas Party. Bring a $5.00 button wrapped with your name on the inside if you would like to participate in the button gift exchange.