About Us

Who We Are


The Keystone Button Club is one of the largest clubs for button collectors in Pennsylvania. We are interested in antique and collectible clothing buttons. We meet together for the promotion and preservation of this wonderful miniature art form. We find joy in hunting for them, cleaning and restoring them and proudly displaying them for others to enjoy. We buy, sell and trade buttons to put together collections that will inspire generations to come.

What We Do


The Keystone Button Club meets once a month. We buy, sell and trade buttons and have an interesting program. Once a year we put on "The Button Bonanza". We sell and display buttons and are available to answer questions and everyone is welcome. We also have a button competition, a button auction, a summer buffet and a Christmas party. Once every three years we sponsor a two day PA State Button Show. We have a fun facebook page, do public programs and make life long friendships.

Why It Matters


The button is an incredible invention that is used by people everywhere and has been around for a very long time. It blends practicality and art in a way that is irresistible.  Buttons reflect our world and mark significant events in history. Being made from so many vastly different materials, their diversity is endless. This attracts button makers around the world and encourages new artists to test their skills. In this way and many others, buttons are a valuable historical resource and deserve to be protected.